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Science based Support

What is the situation today and in which direction to go?

The status quo of the pilot village is documented in a "baseline study" by local and international scientists before the start of activities. It will also be written down what the residents see as their and the community’s needs. What is urgent? What is not so urgent?

Was the goal achieved?

After each project round, scienctists examine whether the goals were achieved. What went well, what not so well? Are the technologies used fulfilling their scope? What needs to be done better in the next project? Have all stakeholders been adequately involved? Have people been left out? How do villagers assess the projects? Have people gained income, have others lost income?

A scientifically underpinned model

The aim is to create a scientifically sound model that can also be applied to other villages. Of course, in each new village we have to examine what is transferable, what is not or where modifications are needed. Very important: In each village, we first ask what the people want! 

Scientific Concept (PDF)