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09 September 2022

The primary school now has solar power!

In cooperation with a local Rwandan solar company, the electrification of the "Juru Primary School" with almost 900 pupils and 20 classrooms was completed today. 

The Juru primary school had no connection to the electricity grid until now. Two existing small solar systems could only supply power to a laptop and a few lamps. 

Solar Inverter and BatteriesBatteries

The new solar system consists of twelve PV modules, six of which face east and six west. The PV capacity is 4.74 kWp, and the average daily electricity production is assumed to be almost 19 kWh. The three lithium batteries have a total net capacity of almost 9.5 kWh. The inverter turns the solar electricity into alternating current with a voltage of 220V. The system has remote monitoring. The internet connection is via a 4G internet router with a sim card.

Light in ClassroomSocket

The next steps are:

  • Renovation of a classroom to become a "Smart Classroom" and construction of furniture for that classroom by the school community.
  • Acquisition of IT equipment by Sustainable Villages Foundation
  • IT training for teachers by an experienced IT trainer from the neighbouring community.