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Reporting and Financials

Sustainable Villages Foundation needs to produce an annual Activity Report to be handed in to the Foundation Authorities of the State of Brandenburg in Germany as well as financial statements for the responsible German tax office, which supervises the non-profit status. 

The reports for the period from the official inception of the foundation in 2020 to the end of 2022 are listed here. 

Activity Report 2022 (English)

Financial Statements 2022 (English)

Activity Report 2020-2021 (English)

Financial Statements 2021 (English)

Financial Statements 2020 (English)

NB: The English versions are translations of the German originals. The translations were carried out by Sustainable Villages Foundation. In case of contradictions or deviations, the German version prevails.

The German originals can be viewed here: 

Activity Report 2022 (German original)

Financial Statements 2022 (German original)

Activity report 2020-2021 (German original)

Financial Statements 2021 (German original)

Financial Statements 2020 (German original)