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The Project

The challenge

Nearly one billion people worldwide have no access to electricity, three billion people use cooking appliances that are harmful to their health, 785 million people have no reliable access to clean drinking water. More than 700 million people live in extreme poverty.

Many solutions

Energy, food, water, health, education and income generation are often treated separately in the many good development cooperation projects, although numerous interrelationships exist.

The integrated approach in the pilot village

In a pilot village in Rwanda, we address all issues in their interplay, sound out synergies in field tests using the latest technologies, and formulate a holistic development model for rural settlements in sub-Saharan Africa with science based support through practical testing.

First one village, then 10, then 100+ villages

We plan to transfer this model in further steps first to 10, then to 100+ villages in order to promote local economies in a socially and ecologically sustainable way, to improve living conditions, to enable participation and to make villages resilient to natural disasters and economic crises.