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3 April 2023

Grand opening of the nursery school!

After six months of construction, the first phase of the nursery school was opened with a celebration. Over 100 officials, parents, children and other guests attended the celebrations.

Kids in front of ECDECD from inside

The foundation has newly built a nursery school in the village of Rugarama. It consists of a classroom, an office for the teachers, a kitchen and toilets.

CourtyardWomen in courtyard

The water supply works by collecting rainwater. The lighting is powered by solar energy. The furniture was built by a youth cooperative in the neighbouring village.

ChildrenChildren eating

The Director of Education of the district, the Executive Secretary of the sector and the founder of Sustainable Villages Foundation gave a speech. A local group of young people performed traditional Rwandan dances.

Tent with visitorsDancers

The children who will attend the nursery school are between two and four years old. The five-year-old children will then go to the pre-school, which is attached to the primary school. The foundation has organised a trainer who will conduct a training course for the caregivers and also the parents.

The plane gameECD and soccer field

The foundation is currently looking for funding to build two more classrooms for the nursery school.