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31 January 2023

Two more primary schools are to be electrified!

The foundation has included two more primary schools in the electrification programme. Both schools are also to be equipped with laptops.

The Foundation has applied for funding for two more primary schools.

The Ecole Primaire Cyirabo with over 800 pupils is located in the village of Twabagarama, only about four kilometres from the first school we electrified.


The Ecole Primaire Cyirabo is a new building, but still has no electricity and therefore no lighting. The work is scheduled to be carried out in the middle of 2023.

Office buildingToilets

The Ecole Primaire Gatora even has over 1000 pupils and is also located in a neighbouring village. The school is from the sixties. 

Name plateGatora Yard

It has old solar systems that no longer work properly. The work is scheduled to be carried out at the end of 2023.

Gatora platesGatora kitchen