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11 May 2023

One goat or one sheep for each farmer!

In addition to the distribution of goats/sheep, the agricultural training focused on topics as diverse as hygiene, microfinance and networking with local authorities.

Villagers with goats and sheep

In April/May, 41 goats and 9 sheep were distributed to the 50 farmers participating in the training programme. The local veterinarian has marked the animals with ear tags. An important goal is that the excrements are used as fertiliser for agriculture. As the animals are already of reproductive age, offspring are expected soon, which will have to be passed on to other families.

GoatsGoat get eartag

There were meetings between farmers and experts from the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) as well as agricultural experts from the district and sector, including information on government subsidies for water tanks. There was also a meeting of over 120 farmers with a local bank on the topic of micro-financing of their own share of the costs of the water tanks. 57 participants expressed interest in microcredit. Work is continuing on this topic.

Village reunion with bankVillage reunion with RAB

Part of the agricultural training is also an improvement of domestic hygiene. In addition to the hand washing facilities already installed, hygiene in the toilets has now also been improved. Covers for the toilet openings were built to keep flies away. Participants were also shown how to use ash to reduce ammonia odours.

Toilet hole coverToilet hole cover