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30 June 2023

English training is extremely popular!

At the request of many, Sustainable Villages Foundation (SVF) has been offering English training for teachers at Juru Primary School since April 2023.

Every Saturday, there are a total of four hours of English lessons. They are conducted by our experienced trainer. Comprehension, writing and speaking skills are trained with excursions in grammar and idioms. The lessons take place in the Smart Classroom set up by SVF, so the beamer can be used to support the training. The participants are also shown internet platforms for self-study.

Class learningConveration Excercise

The lessons are very popular, all teachers of the school take part. Only rarely are some absent because they have other commitments at the weekend. The teachers have requested that the lessons continue during the summer holidays. We even offer two days with four lessons each.

The aim of the lessons is not only to help improve the teachers' English skills, but also to have a positive effect on their students' learning.