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11 August 2023

Electrification of Cyirabo Primary School completed!

A Rwandan solar company completed the solar installation with batteries and the AC electrical installation with lamps and sockets after three weeks of construction.

The “Ecole Primaire Cyirabo” with over 800 pupils is located in the village of Twabagarama, only about four kilometres from the first school we electrified.

Workers installingSolar Systems and Lighting Rod

The solar panels have a power of 4.4 kilowatts, and the batteries can store 9.5 kilowatt hours. A lightning rod was also installed, as Rwanda is located in one of the most lightning-rich regions in the world.


The future computer classroom was supplemented with sockets built into the floor so that the middle rows of benches can also be supplied with electricity without students tripping over cables. The 32 laptops, the projector and a combination device for copying and printing have already been ordered and will be installed by the start of the school year on 4 September. This will be followed by IT training for teachers by our experienced trainer. The school benches, which prevent the laptops from accidentally falling down, were built by the school itself.

Benches and socketsBatteries

The project is supported with funds from the Schmitz Foundations.