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30 April 2021

First projects launched!

Immediately following the needs assessment and household survey, the first projects were launched.

The foundation provides four small solar off-grid demo systems (three lamps, radio, mobile phone charger) from Mobisol and four optimised cooking appliances with low wood consumption from Safer Rwanda. Mobisol and Safer Rwanda presented the products. The Village Committees of the two villages decided who would receive these demo systems.


Mobisol Prsentation 20210427 114601 Web 380System bergabe 20210427 120918 Web 380

The foundation is trying to bring people from the village together with the suppliers Mobisol and Safer Rwanda so that they can generate income by selling and maintaining the systems.

While the cooking appliances seem affordable for the villagers with a retail price of about 28 USD, the small solar systems seem too expensive for some villagers, even with instalment payments. The foundation is in the process of finding a solution to provide basic electrification to all households in the village.

SaferRwanda Prsi P1000986 Web 380Save80 Detail P1000996 Web 380

The foundation has also started a cooperation with the organisation WaterAid and the local primary school to repair the school cistern. Research has begun to further improve the water supply.