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17 March 2023

Great progress in agricultural training!

Since December 2022, 50 smallholder farmers have been trained in agricultural techniques with an agroecological approach.

CabbageCompost production

During the needs assessment, the desire for agricultural training was often expressed. The trainings with 50 participants have had some success in the last four months and are very popular.

Production of liquid fertilizerProduction of liquid fertilizer

After the theory was covered first, the participants soon got together in groups of about 8 smallholders and started practical implementation under the guidance of the experienced trainer.

Production of natural insecticidesProduction of natural insecticides

The following activities have been implemented so far:

  • Production of compost. The compost can be applied to the fields after about six weeks.
  • Manufacture of liquid fertiliser
  • Production of liquids for the control of insects and fungal infestations
  • Planting arrangements that keep insects away
  • Creating mandala beds that can also be watered with used water
  • Measures to improve the quality of the soil. Protecting the soil from drying out
  • Construction and operation of six drip irrigation systems with 5000 litre tanks.

Drip irrigationDrip irrigation

  • All 50 participants created a kitchen garden
  • Simple hand washing facilities were built 
  • In addition, water reservoirs lined with plastic sheeting were covered with wood and foil to improve the hygiene of the water and prevent accidents with children

The aim of the one-year programme is to increase the yields and income of the participants and to provide a balanced diet for smallholder farmers and their families. A key component of the programme is to improve resilience to climate change and drought.

Simple hand washing facilityCovering the sheet tank

The next steps are:

  • Acquisition of animals, especially goats, primarily to generate better fertiliser.
  • Arranging micro-loans through a financial partner, e.g. to purchase a water tank.